• Annual Award Nominations

    We are happy to be recognize outstanding providers each year at the EMS Banquet. Nominations are accepted year-round. We ask all providers and agency managers to take a few minutes to submit a nomination form to help us recognize the great work that is performed every day in our region.

  • Cardiac Arrest SAVES

    Cardiac Arrest Saves are recognized throughout the year. A save is defined when a patient found to be in cardiac arrest or who arrests in the presence of EMS, receives appropriate treatment and has the return of spontaneous circulation.

  • The Stork Award

    The Stork Award is presented throughout the year to honor individuals and/or crews who have had the pleasure of delivering a baby in the field. A delivery is defined as having assisted the mother in the delivery of a newborn while in the care of EMS or enroute to the hospital. We need your help to identify individuals and/or crews that should be recognized for this miracle event.

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