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The Pennsylvania Voluntary Rescue Service Recognition (VRSR) Program was

prepared by the Rescue Task Force of the Pennsylvania Emergency Health

Services Council (PEHSC) under contract with the Pennsylvania Department of

Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (Bureau of EMS).


The first phase of the program is the implementation of the vehicle rescue

Section. The purpose of this program is to recognize those emergency services

that can safely and efficiently perform rescue operations on the highways of

Pennsylvania. The second phase of the VRSR is the Swiftwater/Flood

Management component. This component is designed to establish standards for

water rescue and flood evacuation services.

It is the intent of this program to recognized emergency service organizations in

any one or more combinations of any or all disciplines included in the program.

This document not only considers the equipment and rescue hardware

requirements of specialty rescue, but includes minimum manpower, training and

education requirements.

For further information or questions on the program please contact:

JC Miller

814.201.2265 ext. 102

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